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We at esccu are already ahead of the game when compared to many other credit unions, writes esccu’s first Business Development and Marketing Manager, David Quinn.

We are a modern online credit union and are also one of the fastest growing industrial credit unions in Ireland. In terms of technology, with free 24/7 online access to accounts through our website and our mobile app, our members can transfer funds to and from their bank accounts within a matter of hours and pay utility bills all at no extra cost. Your company can be affiliated to us regardless of your location whether it be Dublin, Cork, Galway or Donegal. We are the industrial credit union for ICT employees. Being a credit union we follow the same ethos as all other credit unions. We are all about the needs and the benefits of our members.

Is your company affiliated to a Staff Credit Union?

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, e-services and communications credit union ltd (esccu) has been delivering financial services to the communications industry for over 50 years. With a membership of over 13,000 country wide and assets of over €195 million (financial year ending 30 September 2015), we are in a position to provide your company with services you can offer your staff as a great company benefit.

The most important feature of our credit union is that we are independently, owned and run by the members for the benefit of them. We are a non-profit organisation. All surplus earned from activities of the credit union are returned to the members by way of dividend payment once a year. The primary function of the credit union is to provide financial services to members at reasonable rates of interest for savers and borrowers.

Formally the Telecom Eireann/ Eircom credit union, then rebranded to esccu as the credit union for the communications industry, we are delighted to announce that upon application to the Central Bank earlier this year we have extended our common bond to include the information and technology industry. We are now Ireland’s dedicated industrial credit union for the ICT Sector.

Our vision – Lending, Helping, Achieving

I am the first Business Development and Marketing Manager for esccu. Over the next three years we will be inviting all organisations within the ICT sector to come on board. We are extending an invitation to ICT companies to affiliate themselves to us as their staff credit union. There is no cost to a company for this benefit. Once a company agrees and give us permission to come onsite then we can invite their staff and contractors to become members. Members will enjoy some great new products and services from some of the lowest loan rates on the market, favourable dividend payments to discounts on home, motor and travel insurance through our insurance partner and much more.

Every company I have met to date have agreed to come on board as they see the real value in such a great staff benefit that costs nothing. Don’t wait for us to contact you, join us now on our exciting journey into the ICT world.



Why would a company want to have a staff credit union?

Some of our current organisations who are affiliated to us have said it helps improve staff financial wellness it encourages them to save and helps reduce staff turnover. What makes us attractive is:

  • Independent and invested in our members wellbeing
  • Attractive dividends on savings
  • Great value loans that suit members needs
  • Refinance existing loans – move your loan to us and get our low rate
  • Free online 24/7 account access through website and mobile app
  • Quality service with no fees
  • Foreign Exchange service (free commission through click and collect service online)
  • Budget bill paying service
  • Refer a Family member option
  • Death Benefit, Life Savings and Loan Protection Insurance
  • Discount on home, motor and travel insurance through our insurance partners Halligans.


Our members can apply for loans online. We approved over 95 per cent of our loan applications within the last two years. We fully understand that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t meet every member’s needs and that’s why we have a variety of loan offerings available. We are extremely competitive and cost-effective when compared with what’s on offer from banks and other lenders. Our staff are available to members to offer advice that best suits their needs.

Unlike other lenders our interest is charged on the reducing balance and there are no fees and charges for lump sum or extra payments.

Why choose us first for a loan?

  • Low Interest rates
  • Friendly attentive staff
  • Repayments made easy
  • Optional payroll deduction through company payroll
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Top up loans available
  • No hidden charges
  • Free Loan Protection

We have six different variable and fixed loan rates available ranging from 4.8 per cent APR to 8.9 per cent APR. All loan applications are reviewed primarily on affordability and suitability to the member. Rates are advised to best suit the reason for the loan with the members needs in mind. Applications can be submitted through our website, post or visiting the branch.

The DNA of esccu is made up of strong technology based online services and mobile app. Developments keeping in line with our membership profile. Esccu’s core values are grounded in our members who come first always. Let us help you be invested in your staff’s wellbeing.

If you or your company would like more information on how to progress with esccu as your dedicated staff credit union. I would be more than happy to discuss the development of this with you.

David Quinn

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Tel: 01 642 7923

Mobile: 087 739 0499


“Membership of e-services & communications credit union has been hugely beneficial to KN Group staff. As time is precious, their personal services and online access to accounts makes them our Credit Union of Choice. Their staff are informative, friendly, respectful and always professional.”

KN Group



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