Health and care services

Irish health survey

Health Factors

81 per cent drink alcohol

16 per cent binge drink at least once a week


22 per cent of the population (aged 15 and over) are smokers

15 per cent smoke daily and 7 per cent smoke occasionally

35 per cent
are overweight

18 per cent are obese

Fruit and vegetables:
42 per cent eat five or more portions daily

Well being



83 per cent perceive their own health as either good or very good


12 per cent have a disability


24 per cent
reported absence from work due to ill health 5.6 average lost days

Ill health:

32 per cent have a long-term illness or health complaint

Top health conditions:

19 per cent suffered from lower back disorder

16 per cent suffered from high blood pressure 14 per cent suffered from allergies

Prevalence of selected conditions, 2015 (%)


Health and care treatment


74 per cent had a GP consultation in the last 12 months

6.2 average visits to the GP

Mental health:

8 per cent reported symptoms of at least moderate depression in previous two weeks


10 per cent provide care for another individual


34 per cent had a
nurse-only consultation in the last 12 months

2.9 average visits to the GP

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