Rail: growing into the future

David Franks, Chief Executive of Iarnród Éireann, talks to Owen McQuade about the financial challenges facing the rail company and its plans for the future. David Franks, Chief Executive of Iarnród Éireann and life-long railway man, starts by stating that all passenger operations are performing well. “We have a few little areas where occasionally we do not meet our own exacting standards,” he says. The company has delivered the contractual levels of performance “but we always strive to do better than that.” The routes that have caused some difficulty...[full story]

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Ibec sets out Budget plans

As the Budget approaches on 14 October, Ibec is calling for the Government to work towards a 2.7 per cent budget deficit in 2015. The deficit stood...[full story]

Mother and baby homes inquiry

A commission of investigation into the treatment of residents in mother and baby homes will be led by Judge Yvonne Murphy. Judge Murphy led the...[full story]

Uneven fall in unemployment

Regional unemployment rates indicate that the jobs recovery is concentrated in the Dublin commuter belt and the Cork area. The most recent figures...[full story]

Climate role for Robinson

Former President Mary Robinson has been appointed as a UN Special Envoy for Climate Change. Serving alongside Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg and...[full story]

New phase for Cabinet

Peter Cheney sums up the main priorities and challenges for the reshaped Cabinet. An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD (FG) Three years into his term of...[full story]

New supply needed to counter housing costs

The Economic and Social Research Institute’s David Duffy reviews the differences between the Dublin and non-Dublin property markets and considers...[full story]

Leading procurement reform

Chief Procurement Officer Paul Quinn discusses the procurement reform journey to date, the lessons learned and the next steps with Owen McQuade. Reform,...[full story]

Obituary: Albert Reynolds

Obituary: Albert Reynolds 3 November 1932 – 21 August 2014 An Taoiseach 1992 – 1994 Albert Reynolds’ upbringing was a humble and hard-working...[full story]

Environmental management and biodiversity in infrastructure projects

Shell E&P Ireland hosted a roundtable discussion on environmental management and biodiversity in Irish infrastructure projects. Why does environmental...[full story]

The corporation tax debate

Peter Cheney reviews Barack Obama’s comments and objectives on profit-shifting and the different responses from Ireland’s policy-makers. Vocal...[full story]

Plan B: How leaving the euro can save Ireland

Financial expert Cormac Lucey argues that Ireland should leave the euro. He outlines his case in his best-selling book, ‘Plan B: How leaving the...[full story]

Efficient solutions for public service

John Clancy, Head of Public Sector Business with Vodafone Ireland, talks about how government sectors are aligning with industry trends, delivering...[full story]


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Transport report

Donohoe’s first moves

eolas summarises new Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe’s priorities and the Government’s overall...[full story]

Safer roads

Road Safety Authority Chief Executive Moyagh Murdock explains how it is taking action to reduce injuries...[full story]

Empowering times in transport

Abtran CEO Michael Fitzgerald outlines how the customer is driving the delivery of service excellence...[full story]

Keeping Europe moving

A summary of the EU’s priorities for each transport sector. Greater competition and integration, allied...[full story]

Safety camera operations in Ireland

Gerard Begley, from Egis Projects Ireland, explains how an intelligence-led approach to monitoring speed...[full story]

Growth and ambition at Dublin Port

Dublin Port Company Chief Executive Eamonn O’Reilly talks to eolas about the company’s performance...[full story]

Reforming commercial vehicle testing

eolas summarises how reforms are making goods vehicles more roadworthy. The 2007 review of commercial...[full story]

Aviation: the way ahead

Aviation enables most of Ireland’s trade and tourism, employs 36,000 people and contributes €4.1...[full story]

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Healthcare report

What next for health?

As Leo Varadkar begins a testing time as Minister, eolas considers the pressing issues in health and...[full story]

The pharma price gap

Peter Cheney considers why Irish citizens pay some of Europe’s highest price differences for regular...[full story]

Planning for dementia

The number of Irish people with dementia will almost triple over the next 30 years. eolas considers...[full story]

Enabling Smarter Care

Kevin McGowan, IBM’s thought leader for change and transformation in healthcare, outlines the key...[full story]

Measuring quality

Ireland’s initial quality indicators for health show improvements in cardiac medicine but slower progress...[full story]

Meeting needs in later life

Áine Brady discusses the positives and negatives of ageing and how Third Age is practically supporting...[full story]

Joining up mental health

Four important transition points have been identified by the Australian Department of Health in a bid...[full story]

Data liquidity drives health improvements

Amanda Green, General Manager for healthcare IT company Cerner Ireland, talks to eolas about how information...[full story]

Transforming healthcare: sepsis

eolas talks to Aiden Malone, Senior Director, European Consulting for Cerner, about transforming healthcare...[full story]

Healthy Ireland: in a state of wellbeing?

Michael McKernan reviews the Government’s public health strategy. Healthy Ireland sets out high ambitions...[full story]

Linking GPs and hospitals

The National Healthlink Project provides a web-based messaging service which allows the secure transmission...[full story]

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Energy report

Integrated and efficient electricity

Barriers at Europe’s borders need to fall if customers are to benefit from a single electricity market....[full story]

A comprehensive consultancy

Dalkia’s full integration with Veolia will bring an innovative approach to energy, water and resource...[full story]

Bringing the wind with us

National Economic and Social Council policy analyst Jeanne Moore explains how genuine consultation with...[full story]

An energy crossroads

Michael McKernan sums up the main points of the energy green paper, which lays the foundations for a...[full story]

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External services delivery report

Case study: HRConnect

In 2007, Capita signed a contract with the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) to provide outsourced...[full story]

Alternative models of service delivery

SouthWestern’s David Grindle outlines how external service delivery providers can reduce cost and...[full story]

Openness in outsourcing

UK contractors are facing demands for more transparency after some examples of poor performance. Government...[full story]

Private sector partnerships

Ibec’s report on reforming public services calls for the State to consider how services can be provided...[full story]

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Third sector

Charity regulation

eolas summarises the new system which will go live in October. The countdown is now under way to the...[full story]

Implementing good governance

Clear principles for good governance allow society to hold the community, voluntary and charitable organisations...[full story]

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Ireland’s ‘first eleven’ qualify for Europe

Michael McKernan looks at the state of play as the new European Parliament gets down to work. The 2014...[full story]

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Overcoming the North/South impasse

Northern division and southern indifference explains slow progress on cross-border co-operation, Andy...[full story]

Closing the inequality gap

Tom Healy, Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute, reviews the big picture of economic inequality...[full story]

Reforming justice

Peter Cheney analyses the reform agenda set out for the Department of Justice and Equality after the...[full story]

PAC powers questioned

eolas reports on how the Kerins case exposes the relative weakness of Oireachtas committees when summoning...[full story]

Remembering Howth

Peter Cheney looks back over the rapid turn of events in 1914. In the spring and summer of 1914, Irish...[full story]

Look north for prosperity

ICTU’s Macdara Doyle questions the value of low corporation tax and suggests the Nordic model as a...[full story]

Oireachtas round-up

As the Government reshuffled its front bench, health continued to dominate the political agenda and...[full story]

Political Platform: Áine Collins TD

Áine Collins has represented Cork North West since 2011. A qualified accountant and auditor, she has...[full story]

Meet the Media: Adrian Weckler

As Group Technology Editor with Independent News & Media, Adrian Weckler absorbs and analyses the...[full story]

Bringing down the building barriers

Tom Parlon explains that builders want to tackle the housing supply shortage but the conditions must...[full story]

Oireachtas round-up

A month of crisis was interspersed with thoughtful debates on social care, sport and balance in the...[full story]

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