Convergence and growth

Vodafone’s Enterprise Director, Anne Sheehan, discusses the integration of ICT and telecoms with Owen McQuade and highlights the network’s importance in delivering new solutions. What’s often seen as the most basic part of telecoms infrastructure is powering Vodafone’s growth in Ireland as it moves forward into 4G and the increasing convergence with ICT. Sheehan sets out the company’s two strategic network priorities. “The first is to bring 3G data nationwide everywhere we currently have voice services and in tandem, we are rolling out 4G across...[full story]

eolas issues

Anglo verdicts delivered

The trial focusing on the collapse of the Anglo Irish Bank has concluded with two former directors being found guilty of unlawfully helping businessmen...[full story]

Garda ‘must win back trust’

“Public trust has to be won and won again,” Acting Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan has stated in her first keynote speech since the...[full story]

Diaspora connections explored

Closer links between Ireland and its diaspora are being considered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Seventy million people across...[full story]

Leaving cert reforms set out

The number of grades for the leaving certificate is likely to be cut from 14 to eight, under plans being considered by Education Minister Ruairí...[full story]

Insurance intervention

EU Commissioner Michel Barnier is investigating the Setanta Insurance case after lobbying by Fianna Fáil. The party now wants a wider review of...[full story]

New steps for old neighbours

Four days of ceremony, culture and historic moments consolidated the new relationship between Britain and Ireland. Peter Cheney sums up the words...[full story]

A realist transport policy

Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar set out his priorities for the sector in his address to Transport Ireland, including reducing the cost base...[full story]

Risks to the State

The Government has earmarked future crises which could damage Ireland’s interests. eolas reviews its findings. Debt, climate change and disrupted...[full story]

Ibec’s infrastructure ambitions

Michael McKernan reviews the business group’s proposals on boosting capital projects in order to meet a growing economy’s needs. Between 2008...[full story]

The next phase

Brendan Howlin has set out his ambitions for the next steps in Public Service reform with a stronger emphasis on outcomes and efficient service...[full story]

Structural challenges remain despite recovery

Michael McKernan compares the official and ESRI economic projections and highlights the hidden (and still considerable) problem of sovereign debt. Since...[full story]

Wales’ reform agenda

Michael Trickey discusses the drivers for change in the Welsh public sector with eolas. His Wales Public Services 2025 think tank is looking at...[full story]


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Digital assets report

Ireland’s edge in data centre activity

Ireland’s location lends itself to data centre development but the island cannot be complacent as...[full story]

One ecosystem

Host in Ireland founder Garry Connolly talks to Owen McQuade about why the State is optimal for hosting...[full story]

Developing our digital assets

New research indicates that Ireland is a “highly attractive” location for hosting digital assets. A...[full story]

Data intelligence and analytics

IBM Ireland hosted a round table discussion on the use of data intelligence and analytics with a number...[full story]

EU’s decisive move on data protection

Michael McKernan sums up the progress made on Europe’s new Data Protection Directive, taken forward...[full story]

Creating a data-driven society

Professor Barry Smyth outlines the growing potential of the convergence between small sensors and big...[full story]

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Environment, waste and water report

A natural advantage

Environment Minister Phil Hogan explains how the Government’s approach to water, waste and the green...[full story]

Europe’s environment

Commissioner Janez Potocnik answers eolas’ questions about the state of European environmental policy...[full story]

The road to Aarhus: sustainable infrastructure

PJ Rudden, Director of Energy and Environment at RPS Group, emphasises the need to involve communities...[full story]

Water sector reform: delivery of services

Danielle Conaghan reviews the legislation and considers how the functions of the water services will...[full story]

Solving climate change

Dieter Helm contends that climate change can be solved but current policy is failing. He talks to eolas...[full story]

Europe’s progress on waste

Forty-two per cent of EU waste is now recycled or composted but landfill is still dominant in many countries. The...[full story]

A new Veolia model

A longstanding environmental company is transforming itself to meet the growing pressure on water, energy...[full story]

The state of the climate

Peter Cheney considers the main messages from the latest IPCC assessment of climate change and how it...[full story]

Robinson demands climate action

Mary Robinson has emphasised the urgency of tackling climate change and poverty together in the light...[full story]

Behavioural change and the environment

Speaking at the Environment Ireland conference, Ruth Doyle explained how helping people to make practical...[full story]

A circular economy

The UK Green Alliance’s Julie Hill explained how to improve the recovery of resources by businesses...[full story]

Dublin’s living lab

Aideen O’Hora explains how the Dublin Living Lab provides opportunities for companies to test and...[full story]

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Ireland’s ‘first eleven’ qualify for Europe

Michael McKernan looks at the state of play as the new European Parliament gets down to work. The 2014...[full story]

Tackling the jobs crisis

Paschal Donohoe wants Europe to translate growth into employment as Ireland integrates its economy further...[full story]

Ireland’s business voice in Europe

Head of Ibec Europe Erik O’Donovan discusses the focus of the Brussels office with Fiona McQuade,...[full story]

Europe’s flexibility challenge

Writing for eolas, former Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner reflects on the significance of...[full story]

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eolas public affairs

Overcoming the North/South impasse

Northern division and southern indifference explains slow progress on cross-border co-operation, Andy...[full story]

Closing the inequality gap

Tom Healy, Director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute, reviews the big picture of economic inequality...[full story]

Reforming justice

Peter Cheney analyses the reform agenda set out for the Department of Justice and Equality after the...[full story]

PAC powers questioned

eolas reports on how the Kerins case exposes the relative weakness of Oireachtas committees when summoning...[full story]

Remembering Howth

Peter Cheney looks back over the rapid turn of events in 1914. In the spring and summer of 1914, Irish...[full story]

Look north for prosperity prosperity

ICTU’s Macdara Doyle questions the value of low corporation tax and suggests the Nordic model as a...[full story]

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