The Bar of Ireland

In today’s complex environment, access to expert legal counsel can make all the difference – to assist in decision making, manage risk and support business outcomes.

The Bar of Ireland in 2024 is home to approximately 2,150 barristers, boasting a dynamic and diverse membership that adds value not only in a courtroom setting, but in board rooms across the State.

The day-to-day work of our members draw from national, European, and international sources and authorities, meaning their contributions to clients are comprehensive and dynamic. GDPR, Employment law and environmental law to name but a few, are continuously being updated by our Oireachtas, court precedent and European courts.

Expanded access
In recent years the large-scale adoption of technology has impacted on all our work. Online consultations, mediations and indeed virtual court hearings are as a result of the adoption of technology and have improved access to members and their services.

The Bar of Ireland’s Direct Professional Access Scheme grants approved bodies direct access to members of The Bar for legal opinions in non-contentious matters and permits approved bodies to access advice speedily and efficiently; thus minimising cost, time and risk.

The response of the Bar and our members to the challenges of delivering services today includes continuously developing our knowledge and expertise in new and emerging areas of law; all the while meeting the needs of a varied client base.

Diversity is our strength
Today, the Bar is increasingly diverse, with practitioners at the Law Library coming from a wide range of life experiences, and indeed roles in the public service and private sector.

All creating a Bar that can respond to the complexity of today’s work and public administration.

Members of The Bar stem from diverse backgrounds, Diverse membership (where they practice, who they are, many coming in former carriers in the public service and private sector).

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