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Séasúr na hardfheiseanna

November 2022 marked the high point of Ireland’s political party conference season with Sinn Féin, Fine Gael, and the Green Party all staging their first post-Covid and in person ardfheiseanna.

Sinn Féin ard fheis 2022

05 November 2022 • RDS, Dublin

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald TD delivers the leader’s speech at the party’­s 2022 ard fheis in the RDS, Dublin.
  • “To our young people who once again depart our shores, you have been badly let down, particularly by a failed housing system. I want you to know that we are working hard to change things for you. We will make Ireland the home you deserve. So, enjoy your experience, work hard but come home and be part of the new Ireland that we must build. We need you.”
  • “The current energy crisis makes one thing very clear. Our island must achieve energy security and energy independence. We can achieve this by harnessing our abundant renewable resources, building our capacity in wind, solar and green hydrogen. The State must make Ireland’s energy revolution a priority.”
  • “A chairde, we live in the end days of partition. On the cusp of an historic opportunity – the reunification of our country and our people. Shaping a future for everyone. Moving forward in the belief that there is no ‘them’. There is only ‘us’. Us who call Ireland home… The Irish Government must immediately establish a Citizens’ Assembly on unity. If this government refuses to hear tomorrow coming, if it does not establish a Citizens’ Assembly, Sinn Féin in government will.”

Sinn Féin President, Mary Lou McDonald TD

Fine Gael ard fheis 2022

19 November 2022 • Technological University of the Shannon, Athlone, County Westmeath

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar TD receives a standing ovation at the 81st Fine Gael ard fheis in TUS, Athlone.


  • “The message from our opponents is that Ireland is some kind of failed State. It is not. It is a State which has succeeded time and time again despite major challenges – domestic and global – over the past century. A State which is not perfect, but which is driven by the same spirit of idealism and hope as was there 100 years ago.”
  • “Coming into this campus today, someone asked me would I ever consider going into coalition with Sinn Féin? I gave them a clear and unambiguous answer from all of us. No. No way. Not a chance… For this reason, the next general election will be the most important in a generation.
    We need to make sure the centre holds… and grows… and that they are stopped.”
  • “Delegates, at times in our history, Fine Gael stepped in to save the economy and protect our future. At other times, Fine Gael led the way on how we could build a more modern and compassionate society. Fine Gael is at its best when we do both.”

Fine Gael party leader, Leo Varadkar TD

Green Party annual convention 2022

26 November 2022 • Radisson Hotel, Athlone, County Westmeath

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan TD addresses his party’s annual convention in November 2022.
  • “The challenges we face in government are complex not because ministers don’t care or lack compassion but because they require a wide range of actions that require time, money and careful attention – often in the face of fierce opposition from vested interests.”
  • “You know, it’s astonishing how other parties in the Dáil say they are all for climate action and the environment, but they run for the hills the minute a tough decision comes their way. Or worse still, they cite all the reasons why it shouldn’t be done without ever suggesting an alternative… We know now is time for real climate action. That is what we are going to deliver over the remaining two-and-a-bit years of this Government.”
  • “We will focus on that responsibility and then head into the next local and European elections with a determination to deliver even more. I am setting set a goal tonight that one in 10 Irish people will vote for this green future in those next elections.”

Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan TD

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