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How to futureproof the workplace

With technology and workplace conditions changing at such a rapid pace, eolas looks at five steps every company can take to futureproof their workplace in a time when disruption and innovation have become the norm.

Focus on employee productivity and customer service

It’s unlikely that any given workplace will have much influence over how technology trends are affected worldwide. What can be affected within the office is how these trends are adapted to by staff. Efficient communication and constant training of staff to enable them to use any new technologies that are used within their sector guarantees that, regardless of area of expertise, staff feel comfortable and supported in their endeavours to come to grips with these challenges.

Ultimately, this will also benefit the customer experience, as what customers truly want is to deal with staff who are knowledgeable and confident in their process.

Implement one clear internal communications strategy

Digitisation brings with it the opportunity to cut down internal paper use through the various communications platforms currently available to workplaces. The key is to pick one and persevere with it; teething problems will exist, but again, training and normalisation of the process can help this.

A good communications strategy should make it easy for businesses to integrate their back and front offices, a must in today’s climate, in order to improve customer experience and allow the customer to interact with experts as much as possible.

Retain the human touch

Most consumers accept that automation is an inevitability in some areas of work, but the need to be both assured and confident in what you are paying for is something that comes more readily with the steady guiding hand of informed staff displaying their expertise.

This can help again with the matter of front and back office integration, the need for those whose main experience lies with background work to be able to present it grows as automation takes root within various industries.

Identify the most likely drivers of change in your workplace

People and finances will always be the main drivers of change in any industry or workplace. Clear and succinct internal communication will keep employees in the know and satisfied. For example, digitisation has meant that many organisations have had to deal with the issue of working from home, and a clear policy here is vital where applicable. The trend of “presenteeism” — valuing employees simply for being in the office rather than for the work they do — can be an easy one to be swept up in, but a clear work from home policy and internal communications strategy should place everyone on equal footing regardless of the location from which they do their work.

Keep informed about industry best practice

While it is important that workplaces keep employees informed and trained with regard to technological or any other type of developments, the reality is that most workplaces operate in a hierarchical fashion, and the strategy for employees will only be as informed as those at the top are.

Attend training days, seminars, and anything else that can keep you and your workplace ahead of the curve.

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