HealthTech Ireland Symposium 2024

In early May 2024, HealthTech Ireland hosted its annual symposium. Ciarán Galway attended and spoke with organisers and participants.

Organised by Susan Treacy, CEO of HealthTech Ireland, the HealthTech Ireland Symposium takes place every one to two years. A members’ association, HealthTech Ireland’s primary objective is to represent its members and is currently aiming to build on this established network that by enhancing engagement and collaboration.

Addressing the event, Treacy said: “In shaping the day, we strive to demonstrate and reflect the hard work of our members, our collaborators, and our strategic partners, to discuss the pressing issues and resolve large and small challenges, ultimately ensuring that collectively, we bring immense value to the ecosystem and patients.

“Our world is undergoing a revolution in all sectors, and healthcare is no exception. From remote virtual hospitals to AI-driven diagnostics, from surgical robotics to blockchain-enabled data sharing, the landscape is shifting.

On her broad vision for what digitalised healthcare can deliver for people, she says: “It is important that in delivering for service users we are not just spectators but architects of this transformation through strategic engagement, education and deliverable initiatives. We are creating an ecosystem on our island where we are defining our positions and working hand in hand, aligning for collective success.

“Commitment to continue to work across the sector forging partnerships, to lead us toward a healthier, more connected future. It is one that delivers value to improve lives for the patients we serve. This is at the core and the north star of the work we do. Every decision, every innovation, impacts lives and it is our collective responsibility to build a healthcare system where compassion, transparency, and excellence prevail.”

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