Training for future cyclists

Cycle Right, the National Standard for Cycle Training in Ireland, was launched in January 2017. The standardised cyclist road safety training course will teach cycling skills and road safety awareness to primary school children across Ireland. The first graduates of the Cycle Right course are expected in spring 2017.

The National Standard is funded by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) and the Road Safety Authority (RSA). The project was in development for six years and completes one of the policy objectives under the National Cycle Policy Framework.

The Cycle Right course is delivered over three stages with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis which prepares the individual to cycle in increasingly complex road scenarios. It also includes an on-road element of training. As participants progress through the stages, there is a focus on taking greater levels of responsibility for themselves whilst cycling on the road.

It is hoped that the course will encourage regular cycling in younger people who will continue to use the transport method as they get older. Despite the number of people cycling to work on the rise and doubling in some areas, the number of children taking their bike to school has not increased in comparison.

Transport Minister Shane Ross commented: “These are the cyclists of tomorrow and we need to give them the skills and confidence to cycle to school now, so that when they graduate they will continue cycling for the rest of their lives. Cycle Right will give them those skills and that confidence.” It is also hoped that the initiative will help combat the growing problem of obesity in children by increasing physical activity.

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